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Plenty has been written about the life of the great King Solomon, and much has been told and speculated about the elusiveness of Hiram Abiff, but Hiram, King of Tyre occupies very little space in the minds of most freemason’s today. Mentioned by name only in Masonic folklore, the King of Tyre disappears as quick as he is mentioned in our ceremonies. Not only was he a great character who played a significant role in the building of Solomon’s Temple, but he also ruled over one of the most wealthiest and influential kingdoms in the Middle East. His many years of friendship with King Solomon and his father King David proved that he was worthy of our order placing him in the position of second Grand Master, symbolic of the Doric Column in that he was a true, generous, practical friend, represented by a plain and stocky strength.

Scholars believe that his name or variations of it meant “Exalted One”, which in and around his lifetime ( which would have approx 1000BC) was probably a fitting name for someone who was held in such high regard by his people. Unfortunately more is known about his kingdom than of the man himself ,but from the knowledge we have, it is possible to determine that a great deal of wealth, stature and power surrounded him.

His kingdom consisted for the most part two islands, one being the tiny island of Melkart and the other Tyre. Although Tyre was the larger of the two, it, in itself measured only approx one mile long by three quarters of a mile wide, with both lying less than a mile of the shores of Lebanon, and due to them being virtually impregnable, they remained resistant to assaults and sieges for more than a thousand years.

Although his name is known to freemasons as the King of Tyre, he was in fact the King of the Phoenicians whose ships spread their culture, knowledge and wealth far throughout the ancient world and established cities such as Carthage and Utica on the north coast of Africa.

There are around about a thousand lodges warranted under the Irish constitution, with the majority of them meeting once a month for approximately 9 months of the year. The Grand Lodge of Ireland is the second oldest Grand Lodge in the world, regarded as being constituted in 1725 and is situated, ( along with the other Grand Bodies ), at 17 Molesworth Street, Dublin,( built in 1865), with approximately 14 Provincial Grand Lodges throughout the remainder of Ireland. The regalia of the Irish Constitution is of a sky blue colour, (similar to English Const ), with gold fringing for Provincial and Grand Lodge officers. One big difference between the constitutions is that master masons are not allowed to wear the letter "G" between the square and compass on their apron, rings, tie-tacs, etc, until they have been installed as a master of a lodge. The reason being that the letter "G" stands for the secret word of an installed/past master.

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